Hi would like to ask, currently i suspect i'm having postnatal depression. Where can i gt help? Do i need help? I been feeling irritated by small little thing, have a mum tat has depression before. Have one elder daughter turning 4 , and a newborn turning 2 months. Been cutting wrist last time whenever face prob. Now turn to tattoo for the pain relief. When tattoo i feel the relief and wan do it again. Is this the sign?

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Hello there! Having experienced PPD first hand, I think you may be showing signs and symptoms. I know that it's hard but just hang in there. It's also best if you can find someone whom you can openly share your thoughts to. When I gave birth, my partner wasn't there because he was too busy with work while my mom doesn't believe in depression. She kept on telling me that it's only in my mind. What kept me fighting is my darling daughter. Eventually, my partner noticed it's toll on me and he took part in my healing. Before anything else, ask yourself if there's any root cause to your depression. Because to recognize the problem is usually the easiest way to heal. You see, at times like this, we need all the support we can get. So I highly suggest that you reach out to your friends and family, specially your partner. Also, find your anchor. Because that will be the reason why you'll want to keep going. If everything feels like it's too much, you can opt for medical assistance. Now keep in mind that not because you opted for medical help, means that you're crazy. It actually means that you're strong enough to recognize that you need help :) Again, hang in there. It'll all get easier eventually :)

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6y ago

Thanks mummies ! Will find the strength n gt well for the sake of my daughter ..