Hi would like to ask, currently i suspect i'm having postnatal depression. Where can i gt help? Do i need help? I been feeling irritated by small little thing, have a mum tat has depression before. Have one elder daughter turning 4 , and a newborn turning 2 months. Been cutting wrist last time whenever face prob. Now turn to tattoo for the pain relief. When tattoo i feel the relief and wan do it again. Is this the sign?

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Hi there, on the surface it does sound like postnatal depression but I feel there is much more going on, so much more underlying issues that is contributing to your negative feelings. The fact that you used to cut yourself and now turning to pain (from tattooing) is uncovering deeper rooted issues. In cases of mild depression, support and reassurance may be all that is needed from the patient's doctor and her family. Is there someone you can talk to regarding this? Perhaps your husband, or a family member like your mother, a sibling or even a trusted friend? If it's serious, medical attention is strongly recommended. After a full assessment, a management plan will usually include psychological support and therapy, and medications that are suitable for breastfeeding. KK Women's and Children's Hospital offers consultation and treatments for PND. You can email or contact them here: [email protected] || +65 6294 4050 Hang in there, Mommy! http://sg.theasianparent.com/postnatal_depression_in_singapore/

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