Hi would like to ask, currently i suspect i'm having postnatal depression. Where can i gt help? Do i need help? I been feeling irritated by small little thing, have a mum tat has depression before. Have one elder daughter turning 4 , and a newborn turning 2 months. Been cutting wrist last time whenever face prob. Now turn to tattoo for the pain relief. When tattoo i feel the relief and wan do it again. Is this the sign?

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Feeling irritated can be an early sign. But if it goes away after you calmed down, then it means you are normal. If it dont go away and keeps it as a hatred, then you will need help from expert. I am not sure about tattoo. Normally after one tattoo, we will be addicted to get another one. When I was young, tattooing is something I am addicted, but I was a happy lass.

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