Hi, my daughter is 3 mths, fully breastfed. Today, I went to polyclinic to check her 3 mths assessment. All are ok except her weight. Given that she is 3 mths, her weight is 5.1kg. The nurse said that she is like 10% percentile some sort like that. The nurse said that might be she is tall. The doctor said that I might have to feed her more. I told her my baby is always at my breast and drink. She will either drink or playing with my breast. So far she is ok. I am just wondered is my breastmilk not enough? Or should I feed her with formula milk? I try to feed her with formula milk and she do not like the bottle teats. I try to relax her to drink also can't. She is used to my breasts and mostly she is direct latch to drink. Any opinion mummies? I am really worried about her weight.

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I won't be v worried. My gal was also v small when she was young. Dr advised more 'meals' but as I was bf, I don really know how much she drank. Also, she was a small drinker n tend to feed more times. Each assessment checks were the same reviews but now, she is coming 5, she is growing v well despite having not growing more like what we wanted. When she was 4 to 5 mths, her weight did increase coz she was on semi solid so not to worry. Ur baby is doing well n just trust ur instinct as a mum.

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