my three month baby is fully breastfeeding and direct latch. i find my right breast is bigger than left breast. mostly my baby like to drink at my right breast and my left breast she does not like and reject it...Even i force to her to drink at my left breast she also do not want. Even i eat foods or drink oats milk, my right breast will engrossed rather than my left breast. Any mummies experience that too?

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Maybe you can pump or hand express milk from the other side to keep up production? Pumping helps with the whole one breast is bigger than the other. You can use the expressed milk to supplement your baby's feedings. But if your baby is getting enough milk and his breast preference does not cause you much pain or harm, it is okay to let your baby have a favourite breast. Lots of women have nursed successfully from just one breast.

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Well, this is about demand and supply. Naturally, when you latch more on the right side, your right breast supply would be more as well. Not to worry about this as this is quite common, For some mummies that I know of, they only fed on one side but of course if you can feed on both, it would be ideal. You should try to encourage your baby to latch on the left so as to stimulate the left breast,

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Yup its about demand and supply. My left side usually produce lesser than my right too. So I will try to latch more on the left and pump longer on the lower side.

oh k ok...thnks mummies i will try it