My daughter keep wan more milk

Hi, first time mom here. My daughter currently 2m3days, i used to feed her 100ml-110ml breastmilk in bottle and if formula i give her 90ml. Normally she drink every 3-3.30hrs but recently she keep wan more milk, even cry after finished her milk so now i gv her 120ml for both breastmilk and formula and she drink every 4-5hrs. Is it normal? Should i worry that a 2m old baby drink 120ml is too much for her? Cos my friends’ babies all drink much lesser.

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My baby is only 15 days old and she’s drinking 120ml already 😅 everybody (including our pd) keep saying just follow the baby hunger cues it’s fine so I guess that’s what I would assure you too.

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Her baby is probably turning 3 soon hahahah 😂

My baby is also 2.5 mths and she drink 130-150ml. if she find that 120ml is not enough for every feed, then u gonna slowly increase her intake. Normally bm is easier to digest.

Must be going through growth spurt. My baby is a mth old & kept waking up for milk every hr. I also feed him both bm & fm. 120ml is fine. My baby drinks that much too

Nope. 120ml is fine. My son drank that much when he’s about 1 month old! When it comes to feeding, just follow her cues!

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Just feed on demand and monitor her poop and Pee output and her sleep and growth.