How healthy must we eat at 13 weeks?

Help because i have been hating the taste of veggies :( i used to love veggies a lot!

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Hey mummy, these are some of the things I’ve done - daily fruit intake (1 to 2 : but ensure you don’t take all the high sugar fruits ie durian) - vegetable, fish and egg at least once a day (if you can’t endure the taste, maybe just take a few bites) - a cup of milk everyday - home cooked food if possible, or you can engage tingkat services - at least 2 litres of water daily - daily consumption of supplements (set a reminder/alarm if you tend to forget)

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Eating clean or healthy didn’t exist thru out my entire pregnancy, especially when I’m constantly craving for mala and mac 😂. Thankfully, despite all the junk and rubbish I ate, my baby came out healthy 🤣. I will poison myself with my own cooking 😰.

Not sorry if I’m offending anyone but telling a pregnant mom that “never eat healthily and baby turns out fine” is so irresponsible. We should always try to eat healthily even when we are not pregnant, let alone during pregnancy. Yeah I’m fun at parties

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2mo ago


Instead of focusing on what you can't stand, I suggest focusing on finding healthy foods that you enjoy. Doesn't have to be the same veg tt u don't like now. You can opt for more fruits, other kinds of veg, clean protein etc.

I am coming to 37 weeks now and I have not really eaten healthy.. I just cut down on sugary stuff.. other than that, I snack a lot and eat fried stuffs 😂

Honestly eating in general is more important than stressing on healthy eating eating. Ive never eat healthy thruout pregnancy, baby still turn out fine

Jiayou! eating a bit of veg is better than eating none :) try to explore a wider variety of veg to see if there is any taste that you can endure?

I’ve never eaten healthy in my life so my pregnancy is no exception😅😅😅 I’m just hoping the prenatal supplements will help 🤣