Little One's Routine

How do you start the day with your LO stay home mummies ? How often do you wake up at night to feed your baby ? Mine will be 10 months old child , wakes up almost every 3 hours at night , drink about 120ml-150ml ? Then sleep .. After 8am or 9am when she wakes up i wakes up too , to make her breakfast while she plays with toys or people at home .. then feed her .. After the feeding i alternately give milk and food till bed time . share with me how its like for you ;)

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Almost the same. She's on bottle feed during the day with 1x solid and snacks. And i nurse her at night 2 to 3 hour once. Bedtime around 8pm to 9pm, wakes up at 9 plus or 10 next day.


My boy turning 1 next month he has 2 solid and 180ml milk every 3hours. Last feed at 10pm till next morning 6/7am