Hello! How old will you all stop swaddling ur babies? Mine is 8 weeks and I don't swaddle her in the day.. I also tried to stop swaddling her at night for 3 nights, then last night i tried to swaddle her again, she sleeps better being swaddled up. I am asking cos I am worried abt development. I don't want to hinder any developments.

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Parents can stop swaddling baby when he entered the age of two or three months, because at the age of four months the baby must develop its movements to roll. At this age, baby has begun to adapt to the surrounding environment. Surely you should consult ur baby development to doctor or simply chat the doctor trough Halodoc. The service is so good and also you can make an appointment with the doctor.

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Different baby, different preference. If your LO looks comfortable being swaddled while sleeping, no problem to continue doing so. During the day, you can let her be swaddle-free, do suitable activities with her and encourage her to move her body.

I think its really up to lo preference. My girl stopped swaddling since week 2. CL suggest to let baby sleep sideways so that they get the comfort they need when they are asleep. True enough, she doesnt wake up that easily.

I stopped swaddling when he was able to get himself out of it. He loved being swaddled but when he was ready to stop, he let me know by working his way out of it. I would say that was around 3 months old.

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Our baby is ten weeks old and we swaddle her around 50% of the time. We reduced swaddling after 1 month as we realised she didn't like it very much.

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Depends on individual but mostly when they know how to flip, they tend not to be swaddle

The average age to stop swaddling baby is around 3 or 4 months of age.

I heard 8 weeks or when baby starts to roll

It depends on the baby

Depends on yr baby