I've been swaddling my LO because she seems to sleep better when swaddled. She's currently 3 months old. When can I stop swaddling and transit to sleeping gown? Or is there a specific time when I should stop swaddling her?

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Preferably should stop swaddling your baby by three or four months. By now, most full-term infants are used to life outside of the womb and no longer crave the tight embrace of a swaddle. It's also important to give babies over four months old the freedom to move at night as it ia important exercise. It helps baby enhance her motor skills development, which is crucial for upcoming milestones like crawling, standing and walking.

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Haha they will let you know when they don't want to be swaddle. Maybe when you want to start it. can try in the morning when she is napping and increase till you don't need to swaddle. that might help. every baby is different