Heat rash ?

Is this heat rash ??? Doc say normal is this really normal ?

Heat rash ?
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I don't find this normal. I will bring to PD immediately if this really happens to my LO. My LO had rash a small red dot. Then slowly it grew bigger and bigger. One day she had fever and was hospitalized. She was 16 days old. The rash - doctor diagnose her with Neonatal lupus (pls google if u dont know. Its not a small illness). As a mother. I pay very close attention. So my advice is don't take things too lightly. If u don't feel assured. Bring to PD or hospital immediately to seek professional advice💓

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My daughter had this when she was 2 mnths old. And her skin was burning. This is severe eczema. I googled and went to Dr Vanessa at sengkang. She was good. She gave my daughter lotion etc etc and it goes off in 1 week

11mo ago

hi may I know what is the clinic name

I don't find this normal. I suggest bring bb to see a PD and get it treated. You may also try to clean bb with boiled (room temperature) water few times a day.

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My newborn also had milk rash/heat rash on the face. I wiped her face with a wet wipe and kept it clean and dry.. then the rash disappeared within 2 days.

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I personally don't find it normal. I will bring my baby to baby clinic if this happens. They are more professional than polyclinic doctors honestly.

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Its normal but i guess it can b prevented & there r ways to treat it. Normal does not mean we cn let it b. Cn b itchy fr the nb. 😭

Yes, Normal. i use mustela cream and it works wonder,gone in 2 days. Baby still have it on/off but not as bad.

Hi, This looks like heat rash as well as eczema. Please do get medication from pediatrician

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I used the cream from doctor and after a few days it disappeared. See a doctor


Ya normal especially during first 2 month. You can use alobaby its good!

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I have uploaded one more pic