So stressed up

Having stress from work Having stress from husband due to CNY... Quarrel over reunion dinner and visiting schedule Having stress as a new mom worrying that I am not doing enough for my girl.

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Try not to do everything yourself. Sometime it is good to learn to be gentle and kind to ourselves by letting go and let less priority thing be manage by our spouse or other family member, just Focus on your child. CNY is a time of celebration and reunion, don’t quarrel over it. Let you hubby decide what to eat, who to visit first and do on... release yourself from all the chores... Let it go, let it go.. and just enjoy the celebration 😊 Jiayou!!!

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1y ago

A happy mama, a happy family and happy baby. God bless you, baby and your family with good health, love, harmony and happiness. 家和万事兴 祝你及家人新年快乐 幸福、美满、快乐、平安、喜乐 恭喜发财、大吉大利