Have you had any non-food craving during your pregnancy? Is it normal to want to eat chalk or coal?

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I've read about this condition. It is called Pica. Pica is the term used to describe the intense craving for – and eating of – non-food items. Pica is the Latin word for magpie and I suppose because magpies are known to eat pretty much anything. It is a worldwide phenomenon that is pretty common during pregnancy. No one knows what causes these unusual cravings, but a combination of biochemical, psychological, and cultural factors may be at work. In some studies, pica has been linked to iron deficiency ­– even though none of the craved items contain a significant amount of iron. There is some research suggesting that iron-deficiency anemia is associated with these strange cravings. http://www.babycenter.com/404_what-causes-pica-craving-and-consuming-non-food-items-during_1186643.bc

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Ooooh! Interesting! This one's new to me and I just learned they have a term for it. Thanks for asking and for Idza answering. :) But if I am to share my non-food craving during my pregnancy, I guess it's craving for my partner's presence all the time! Haha! Not only because I adored his face very much that time (ya, cheesy I know^^) but also to squeeze his hand, bite his arms everytime I can feel something painful most especially in my throat after I threw up due to morning sickness (that goes morning til end of work shift).

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