Is it okay for your child to eat paper and chalk?

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No, it's not OK. The first thing that came to my mind was Pica. Pica is a tendency or craving to eat substances other than normal food (such as paper, chalk, clay, plaster, or ashes), occurring during childhood or pregnancy, or as a symptom of disease. Often children who are deficient in Iron have these type of issue. The child should be checked for anemia (lowered iron in the blood).

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I am looking for medical assistant because my child eats paper, chalk and because of this I am less worried about health issues. Please share more info about its further affects of paper chalk.

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No, it's not ok, it's not normal at all. I mean you adult also won't and don't eat chalk at all. Here is some fact about eating chalk. Hope it's help.

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No it’s no good for them it’s bad for themselves