Does anyone feel that putting LO in and out of a car seat is a scary awkward experience?

I have a JOIE stages car seat. Ever since my LO was a newborn, getting her in and out of this car seat is something I’m not confident in. I always let my hubby do that step instead of me. Does anyone else feel the same? I believe it’s the fact that having to put my LO in at such a weird angle and her not being able to support her head very well from newborn that makes me feel like I will break her. She’s 5 months now so it is slightly easier (don’t have to worry about neck so much as compared to earlier) but getting her out is still awkward lol. Is this why people buy newborn carriers? Or do you just have a better car seat lol. #advicepls

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Yes, same. My bigger fear is baby not comfortable. Actually all baby gear are not easy to use. Including baby carrier

1y ago

Same! I can’t use the ergo baby until now... I just bought a konny which is much easier to put on and take off but also worried about it’s security :/ really look up to those who utilize carriers with ease!

i also have same feeling :(

1y ago

Glad to know I’m not alone :)