Has anyone here experienced a teleserye type of situation where you married someone you dont actually love? Well, I am in such situation but I dont know.. I know I care for him, I started to put him on top of my priorities of course next to our 2 month old baby, like, minding his needs before mine, and I care for his feelings, I want to put in mind that I dont want a broken family for my daughter but I dont know im just not that sure im a little afraid that this might not work for the both of us. He's a good guy and he really loves me, he's never had any relationship since he started courted me from 2013, started seeing each other last year, got drunk and thats how I got pregnant and we got married april this year.

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There might be a reason for you not to have love him. You married just because you got pregnant without you assessing your real affection towards him or you might have your previous relationship before that made you compare and realize that there something in that past that you cant find in the present or simply he fall short of your expectations of what a husband must be etc,... whatever the reasons might be, one thing is sure LOVE CAN BE LEARNED. God will not give us a "complete package" kind of husband. He gave us our partner because He knows we can be an effective and suitable partner to complement them in their imperfections. That is where "2 becoming 1" comes into play. Love is not a feeling, it is a commitment and a decision. after saying " i do" we commit to love our partners when we feel loved AND more so when we feel they are unlovable. I am married for almost 5 years and by the grace of God the magic of that first love and that first kiss is very much aflame. By the grace of God who is the center of this marriage, this is the by product of praying with tears, opening how you feel, saying im sorry and loving the best and embracing the worst in him. Ours is not perfect and many things must be learned but one thing is certain, if God is part of it it, we can experience the marriage the Lord wanted us to have. God bless you mommy. You are blessed!

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Very rare naman siguro ang mga ganyang cases but it happens. Sometimes, mahal mo sa umpisa and then you'll realize na hindi pala sya yung right person. Kaya mas maigi yung mag kilatisan muna at wag magmadali sa pagpapakasal.

Hi mommy! Be thankful on what you have. Pinanindigan ka and from that you're lucky and think of your baby before anything else. Love can be learned as long as there is a respect in your relationship. 😊