Hand wash vs machine wash newborn clothes

Do u hand wash or machine wash newborn clothes during the 1st month?

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Treat hard stains with a toothbrush, using hydrogen peroxide + dishwashing liquid (look this up on Pinterest) then machine wash with rest of baby stuff including diaper cloth, face towels, bunny soother, etc. Have been using Persil sensitive and comfort ultra soft. If I had a higher budget I will use "free and clear" from Kirkland or Tide.

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for me 1st month I soak with a bit warm water with detergent for 30mins then I hand wash although washing machine is cleaner but for babies their skin is pretty delicate n sensitive for the 1st month better play safe then sorry...

Well my family is abit particular on that. we even bought a new washine machine that has baby care functions. But my first son and second they say handwash as its not good for the newborn.

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I prefer hand wash coz they r tiny for machine wash can’t mix with other clothes with my lo coz of lower immunity for nbs .. can’t take risk

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For baby clothes it is best to hand wash. Or try to wash them separetly with baby detergnet only and the mode should be delicates on the machine

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Machine washed since Day 1 with baby-friendly detergents ... But now (25 months old) his clothes are dumped to wash with our adults ones :x

Hand wash.. After bath newborn, can use remainder to wash clothing n hang.. Mum said easiest n I agree with her after being hands on..

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Mostly machine wash. But if there is poop/vomit on the clothes, then hand rinse first before putting into the washing machine.

Machine wash but i use use a very mild soap for washing baby clothes - not necessarily a specialist baby laundry detergent.

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Washing machine unless clothes are soiled with poop/pee or food. Rinse off first before putting into the washing machine.