Newborn Clothes

Hi Mummies, how do you wash ur newborn clothes in bundle ? Wash by hand or using the washing machine?

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Confinement time - nanny washed it by hand. After confinement I tend to mix it with my toddler’s clothes to make one load, and I use normal laundry detergent. I think it really depends on your baby’s skin sensitivity.

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Preferably by hand but you can use washing machine if you just wash baby clothes. Don’t mix with adults clothes

I would encourage handwashing...they are delicate for delicate skin. Use only babysafe detergent.

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Wash in big batches, in washing machine. If small batches maybe by hand

Prefer handwash as washing machine might be dirty.. 😁

Washing machine and put it in a net cause malas😅

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2y ago

Thank you❣ you too. Haha okay(: you're welcome

Normally i will just handwash with kodomo detergent

Washing machine and hand wash with baby detergent

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I use a washing machine and baby detergent.

Washing machine.. no time to hand wash