TWINS? Any twin mother here

Hai , if scan , in how many weeks we can see the twins .. is it possible can see in 5-6 weeks ?

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Tulis jawapan

Yes possible.. but it depnd on what type of twin do u have.. if you have non identical twin, there would be two sacks but if identical, mayb you would not know now because they share one sack but identical twin also can have two sack.. if that the case, doc may see it now.. but it all depend..

I'm not sure how many week maybe depends, I scan 7week can see the baby but so small.. The nurse suggest me to come maybe 12week to see the baby,i think maybe 12week can show ur baby twin

i think its too early because my first scan was on my 8 weeks, and i can only the see the sac that time bcuz the baby was too small..maybe the best is 3 month and above

Can, if dr use TVS (transvaginal scan).. if by ultrasound biasa, nampak xjelas sngt.

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5 to 6 weeks is to early. mybe need to wait until 12 weeks and above mybe

Mine detected on 8w. But need to repeat scan on 10w for edd confirmation.