Socialize with the kids at same ages

Hai, i had a daughter currently about 2y and half. Most i curious about she usually reject or crying/become crancky when she need to play with her cousin at the same ages. She mostly liked to play or interact with an adult. Is it ok for this situation i had? I afraid that she cant adapt the environment if in future she had to be in kindergarten. Fyi, my daughter is the 1st granddaughter in my family since i was the eldest children. So she also sit with her grandmother since baby until now. Can i get some opinion or solution out there? Tq.

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Tulis jawapan

How if you try to let her spend more time with her cousins, for instance let them play with each other but with you being there to watch them and talk to them both to share the toys etc

4y ago

Thanks for your opinion 😊