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My gynae is recommending that I go for the full suite of tests avail - Nipt and Oscar. From reading online it looks like Nipt is a more accurate version of Oscar does it make sense to do both? Has anyone done both at the same time before? Thank you!

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Hello! I think what your gynae might have meant is to do NT scan (part of OSCAR) + NIPT. That is the most accurate as NIPT is great for detecting any chromosomal abnormalities, however do note that it can easily miss structural abnormalities which the OSCAR will look out for. My gynae gave the example for a pregnant patient only doing NIPT thinking that since it’s the most expensive, it’s the best one. She completely missed that her baby was missing its skull bone until much later in the pregnancy.

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I went for my gynae check today! Indeed OSCAR got quite a high rate of false positive. My gynae suggested that i go for NT scan + harmony test for greater accurracy. NT scan is a broader test that check for abnormalities, neck thickness and present of nasal bone. Harmony test for the top 3 chromosomes disorder + gender.

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If u haven’t done Oscar yet means u can go for nipt for accurate results .. if ur age is above 35 means there is a higher chance hence best doc recommended nipt if u do Oscar also still they recommended, so u May better to opt for nipt if u hv any doubts means

Hmm usually one will do! Just like another comment, gynae also arranged NT scan + NIPT test for me :) there are instances where some OSCAR results have some anomaly and end up having to do NIPT - so you might as well just take NIPT! Take care!!

Thanks! Yeah I don't know why the gynae wanted me to do both tests, this doesn't seem like the norm. Let me clarify with him; the brochures he gave were for Nice and Oscar. My only risk factor is that I'm 35 and first pregnancy.

Better to do nipt but it’s more expensive. Oscar have a lot of false positive results, end up they will ask you to do nipt also.

NIPT has 99% accuracy while Oscar has a little over 60%. Unless u r very low risk as deemed by gynae, would recommend NIPT. :)

Go for NIPT. Its slightly more expensive but it will give you a piece of mind, lesser anxiety too

Due to false positive result from OSCAR, we opted to do Harmony test and asked for the gender.


just do NIPT is enuff, oscar alot of false info and will make u more stress only haha.