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I have decided to go for NIPT and told doc about it. But I'm surprised that she insisted on Oscar + preeclampsia, or oscar + preeclampsia + nipt. Why can't I just do NIPT alone? when It seems like alot mother out there did the same. What should I do? Should I insist? Change a doc or? Sigh.

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Did you ask why do you need to go for PE test? Usually if you’re borderline for high blood pressure, they’ll send you for one. Preeclampsia is no joke. I had it post-delivery. It’s also unsafe for unborn baby if yours is a high-risk pregnancy. Preeclampsia affects the arteries carrying blood to the placenta. If the placenta doesn't get enough blood, your baby may receive inadequate blood and oxygen and fewer nutrients. This can lead to slow growth known as fetal growth restriction, low birth weight or preterm birth. In severe cases, it can lead to coma. Do read up on preeclampsia and understand why your doctor insists on sending you to one. All pregnancies are different. On the other hand, you can have a second opinion from a different doc. Do also bring up whether you need PE test. It’s for your own sake and baby’s.

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11mo ago

I think there must be some underlying condition that Doc might not be disclosing it to you yet until it is confirmed? Maybe you can tell your doc at the moment you’d like to do the NIPT first and decide whether you want to go ahead with the PE test later. After all, it’s your choice and they can’t force it on you.

My gynae recommend NIPT first if the results came out unfavorable than do Oscar to double confirm it as Oscar has its risk. We never do preclampsia as I do not have the sign/symptom like high blood pressure, protein in urine or swollen feet / hand.

11mo ago

thank you! really need to think through. sigh

My gynae also urged me to take Oscar even if I take NIPT. Coz for Oscar, there will be a scan to check the baby's structure which NIPT doesn't check for. It is important to take even if you go for NIPT.

11mo ago

Hoping all goes well for you!

I did NIPT straight as my doc suggested it. The accuracy is 99% and the results show all low risk and don't need to do any other test. You will get to know the baby's gender too!

11mo ago

I requested for nipt only and Dr doesn't seems pleased with my option. her reason was nipt only check down syndrome and not others. it seems like she would rather I do Oscar + preeclampsia, or all 3 Oscar + preeclampsia + nipt. which I don't knw why