pelvic pain at week 5

Hi guys... i just tested positive a week ago and am approximately 5 weeks now. Am experiencing pelvic cramps that come and goes. The pain is moderate but when i google it mentioned that it may be a sign of etopic pregnancy.. Any of you can share if it's normal to have pelvic cramps or pain at week 5? Thank you!

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I have the same pain as well. Pelvic pain come ago. I'm not sure if it's normal as I have endometriosis. Before pregnant I will have chronic pelvic pain due to the endometriosis. Bt now its quite mild. Maybe it's normal. I'm kinda worried like you too. As I'm currently 5 weeks plus pregnant.

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Better to consult gynea for a check. Do you have blooding as well? Recently I have been suspected of estopic pregnancy and went to KKH for a scan to verify. Luckily every is alright. I do not have much cramp and blooding but brown discharge.

I had 2 chemical pregnancy. Both at 5th and 6th weeks, I lost them. It started with a sharp pain in the wee hours like 3-4am, the next morning my period came. But it seems that having cramps is normal, just not sharp pain.

Maybe you should ask the doctors. I have pain like menstruation feeling for the first few months. And it gets better if you lie down more, so try not to walk alot.

Can consider going to the nearest available gynae to do a quick check just to assure urself

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Better to consult a gynae to get the issue resolved

I'm about 6 weeks now. Often feel cramps too.

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Best to consult your gynae

Hi I am 5 weeks now too. I always felt my lower abdomen got some feeling, but not the pain type. More like a muscle ache after workout kind. As I was told by doctor, the ectopic pregnancy is more like a sharp pain, similar to the UTI. Cos I had this sharp pain while urinating last time, the doctor either suspected me having ectopic pregnancy or having cyst. I have the same worry as u too. I am waiting to see gynae to confirm everything. I tried to relax myself.

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