7weeks Pregnant, told my friends about it but seems like i have created more stress for them. How?

First time pregnant.. Told my group of close friends (3 married ladies, 1 with 2 kids, 2 still trying) the news that im pregnant. Though they congratulate and are happy for me. But i recently got to know from the friend with kids that the other 2 are feeling stress after my news. I dont know if i should/can still ask or share things about my pregnancy to the my friends now? Like we are so close and can talk abt anything but now i feel if I share then will add stress to my friends. So im feeling abit sad.. Cant continue share happy things with friends.

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Super Mum

Congratulations! I’m very happy for you! You’re a great friend for considering the feelings of others who are trying for baby, but your happy news is definitely worth celebrating, and if they are true friends, they would never hold it against you for sharing:) Perhaps you don’t have to update them too often about baby’s progress unless they ask? But I think it’s perfectly fine to share milestones during the pregnancy and even after birth. Congratulations once again:)

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I presume the two feeling stress are the two trying to conceive. If so, their stress mainly from one another as in they are afraid the other one also conceive. They don't want to be the last one and still trying to conceive. Please don't be sad and remain happy. I believe you don't want to have a grumpy face baby. 😊 Perhaps just share only when they ask you about your pregnancy.

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Please allow your friends some time to absorb the news. I’ve been in their shoes. Going through infertility is not easy. It’s emotionally, spiritually and mentally painful to know that you’ve failed month after month then it turn to years. Only share when they ask about the pregnancy. Otherwise you can always ask other mummy friends for advice.

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I feel u should try to talk less about ur pregnancy to the other 2 that's trying to conceive! while u can share more with the one with 2 kids

Thank you all. It really means alot to me.. Especially with all the hormones, feeling abit overwhelmed sometimes.