Worried FTM

Im 32, week 13 now and just did FTS at KKH. Ultrasound scan at week 12 wasn’t good as nasal bone was absent and they noticed little bit of fluid present in baby’s abdomen. KKH called me ytd to inform me of my blood tests results which wasn’t really good. High risk at 1:274. Will be doing NIPT (Harmony) test next week. Results 2 weeks after. Anyone who had high risks from FTS but low risk results after NIPT before? I’m just very nervous and worried. Thank you.

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Don’t worry. I did harmony also have the same diagnosis. When the baby is a bit older (2-3w more), the scan is better. My child came out perfectly healthy. I didn’t do the harmony test because I will keep baby no matter what

I got 1:353 for trisomy 21 and 1:546 for trisomy 13. I got low risk results for NIPT.