Do you give water to your baby when she has hiccup ? My baby is 3 mo, and in laws keep telling me to give water whenever they are around while PD said its normal for NB to have hiccup till they are 4mo..

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No. I stood firm on my ground. Nothing else, except breastmilk. In laws were also constantly worried about baby not having enough. I had a hard time with them, repeating my stand, but both my boys turned out well and healthy.

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Please don’t give anything apart from breastfeeding to your baby until she is 6 months old. It is very normal for baby to hiccups, as their organ are not fully form. Please find proper information by search it in website.

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no i don't give water as they are still very young. Hiccup is very normal in young infants. what i did is a old wife tales. place a small wet tissue in the middle of the eyebrows! somehow they stop very fast

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is she breastfeed or not? some formula fed babies are given water..but im not really sure of that for im no for formula milk. you can try giving jer milk instead of water..she is still too young for water.

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i read about the wet tissue or you can try small wet paper strip on jer forehead...i just dont know but it really works :)

thy dont need water at this age its completely nrml to hv hiccups for them.Even my parents and in laws says the same but i just never bother it . mothers milk is more then enough for them

I nvr give water ... only breast milk. For older generation people, they will ask to give water. PD will say it's common. I nvr introduce water until when bb started cereal at 6 mths.

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Hndi pa pwede ang water sa baby. Hanggat wla pa syang 6 or 7mons! Kasi ang tubig nainiimon nila kung gnyan 3mons lng npupunta lng daw sa lungs kaya hndi adviceable ng pedia

Take a small piece of tissue, wet it with your saliva and stick it to the baby's forehead - that's how we treat infant hiccups. It works most of the time.

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It works for me.

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no as long as you breastfeed your baby.. water should be give on the 6mos to avoid water intoxification. hiccup is pretty normal for baby, nothing to worry about.

water is bad for NB, kasi madali silang nabbusog and di pa kaya ng tummy nila iaccept ang water. mawawala din po yung hiccups nila , just breastfeed LO nalang po .