NB hiccup

Baby always hiccup after milk. Any ways to solve?

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It will go away after a while. If you’re worried, can try burping him - doesn’t really works for me all the time. My lo can have hiccups halfway during feed, just continue feeding and it will stop.

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I think it’ll go away eventually as baby develops his/her lungs; however, do let your baby burp after each feed. My girl had frequent hiccups till 2 months despite being burped.

Feed few sips of diluted milk (add bit warm water into bottle with remaining milk). Old people say it's good sign baby growing actively

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Dont think cn be prevented or solved. Bby will slowly decrease the freq of hiccups as they grow

My boy hiccups too after feed but it will be gone after a while

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Try burping. But baby hiccups doesnt affect them so no worries

try burping. but hiccups is fine for babies😄

Hiccups dont affect the baby so no worries

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no harm, baby can sleep while hickup

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I don’t think so but will outgrow?