Any one has grandparent as caregivers and they are totally spoiling your kid

My girl is taken care off by my parents since young. Although i do send my girl to child care since 18 mthsz, my parent (who doesnt approves my sending her to child care) will pick her around noon since they doesnt like her to nap in school. I dont approve ipad (i even not let my girl see me using phone), but my parent introduced it to her. I limit sweets and chocolates, but my parent let her have whenever she wants I tried talking to my parents abt it and even had conflicts because if this. Anyone had the same issue? How do you manage it?

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Super Mum

Wow.. that’s tough. My guidelines are the same as yours.. I think your decisions are very sound. But I think if your parents still don’t want to listen to your requirements, you’ll need to put your foot down, and let them know that if they can’t manage to entertain her using other means (eg. Reading/non digital toys) and if they are unable to provide healthier snacks (eg. Fruit), then they cannot look after your girl anymore, and you’ll let the child care centre know that the grandparents are not allowed to pick her up from school. Of course, that’s the last resort. If you can, see if you can work with them to show them how to engage your girl with other things (a lot of the time, they don’t have the confidence, and need you to demonstrate it), and you can also work with your mum to prepare healthy snacks for her.. when they feel accomplished, they’re more likely to be willing to try:)

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4y ago

Thanks alot. Will try this out since how it all working frm home

My parents also spoiling my 15 mths old boy since young.. esp my dad.. whenever he whine a bit in playpen, my dad will quickly carry him out, and everyday at evening time bring him go downstair walk walk. So my boy will manipulate my dad all the time to ask to carry out and when evening time, it became a must to go downstair walk walk. If not my boy will cry.. my mum will give whatever my son likes to eat like cakes

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My parent used to take care of LO and spoilt her with IPAD, junky food and anything they eat, will give some to LO. Old people won't listen and will still give. Therefore, I stop sending LO to my parent.

suggest you set a timetable for them to follow but i think u maybe a bit too strict unless the grandparents are overboard explain to them the reasons why

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4y ago

I did ask myself if im too much. But i guess there is always a need for there to be one to set the rules. Unfortunately i have to be the one. =( I will try the time table again. My first attempt failed cuz they dont follow and i know at times its hard for them to follow too