My girl is running on off fever and we seen a doc. Doc say theres ulcers in her upper mouth but no other hfmd symptoms. Could be viral infection. She has been drinking so much lesser today and doc worry dehydration so gave us glucose syrup to feed her. But she doesn't take bottle, i tried straw also rejected, spoon feed she spit out, syringe feed she took in but cry like mad and the vol is abt 50 to 60ml. It will take a long time for me to syringe feed her. Is there any other way around it? Doc told us to stop her milk intake as she has lots of stomach wind and stomach upset too. Told us to give this glucose every 2 hrs for the next 6 hrs. Really headache.

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Jiayou mummy. Its a tedious process and I think u Shld continue to try to persist in it. Look out for dehydration signs. My boy had a lot of ulcers in mouth and then it was hfmd. Just keep a look out if it progresses or show signs of hfmd. He also can't drink. We were given the choice at Kk to give him drip at the hand or put a tube through nose into stomach (can pour milk in). It was definitely a painful process and they will cry like mad because they hungry but can't drink the normal way. Persist in what u are doing, but if u can't handle or don't improve in 1-2 days time I suggest go Kk. But that is what they will do at Kk. Btw, put the gel for the ulcer. Kk puts the teething gel at the ulcer to numb the pain maybe 5-10 min before feed then we try to bottle feed, if fail then tube feed. Get well soon LO

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6y ago

oh dear..yes my lo is in the ifc...i really hope it is not now having ulcers already so bad...i cant imagine the pain u have to go thru mommy.. its a real im at my wits end shes even rejecting bottle....hope she take bottle back soon...