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How much milk should a 3 wks old newborn be drinking? Polyclininc Doc suggested to feed my LO 40ml every 2 to 3 hrs but it seems like she gets hungry and cries in an hr. Before that, i used to feed her 60 to 70ml. But she has very bad reflux and vomits the milk back out even after burping.

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Super Mum

The doctors give the volume and interval of feeding as a guide.. but many newborns need to be fed on demand. If your baby cannot tolerate 60-70ml at one shot, then give 40ml, and another 40ml one hour later. My baby had cluster feeding initially and wanted to be fed every 30minutes. Lol.

2y ago

It’s not simple even with one! You’re a super mummy! Haha. Anyway you can try maybe 50ml and gradually increase from there?:) hope you have help at home.

can try burping every 20-30mls see how baby reacts