My girl hit her forehead on the floor n got a big bruise.. How to reduce the bruise? My mil sure hit a big fuss... I'm boiling egg to help reduce swell, hope it helps...

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i just came across a DIY hack somewhere. take marshmallows and freeze them, place in a softer plastic bag or ziploc (and not in their original stiff plastic packaging) and use this as a cold compress (instead of ice cubes) coz ice can be too cold and too numbing...even adults cant take it. poor girl...hope her bruise subsides soon! take care mommy!

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Immediately after falling, use cold compress to restrict the blood flow from preventing to swell even bigger. The next day, IF the bruise and bump is still there use hot compress(boiled egg) to improve the blood circulation there for it to de-swell it faster

Take some ice and put into a small plastic bag. Tie it up tightly without any air inside. Wrap the plastic bag of ice with a small hanky. In this way, u can apply it on e forehead longer. But not more than 10mins. (info provided from an ex-nurse) 😉

apply ice pack for 10-15 sec and repeat that with an interval of 3-5 mins for 5/6 times. it should help.. don't over do it else the baby might get cold or fever since it's direct application on head

Ice packs or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth. Gently apply in the area. Not too long. Do it with short intervals.

I usually use zam buk for my baby when she got bruises. It can be bought at any drugstores