Fall Down From Bed

My girl fall down from bed on last Tuesday and got the lump on her head. The lump is soft until today. Do I need to do anything to it? She is 8months old. Kind of worry for her.

Fall Down From Bed
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Did you rub on it and is the lump getting smaller? How high was the fall? Any abnormality you observed? Any fever, vomit or change in diet? If the lump is getting smaller, she wasn't fall from high, no abnormality and appetite as usual, she should be fine. However, if I were you, l will still bring her to consult doctor just to be certain she is fine. Don't worry, just be more careful from now onwards.

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2y ago

Since there is no abnormality then you may monitor closely and bring her to doctor immediately if touch wood there is sign of abnormality though unlikely since it has been few days. Meanwhile, rub the lump lightly to help it to subside. Take care.

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If it’s still getting bigger and firmer, please bring her to see the doctor

Hi, If it is getting firmer please consult the PD soon

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Best to being your daughter to the pediatrician..