Breastfeeding Guilt

Gave birth last week via e-csect, and I am one of the lucky ones blessed with a good supply, and have been exclusively latching baby since birth. I know I should be thankful (and I still am) that my milk supply is adequate for my baby, but I cant help but feel so so so tired and so so so angry everytime it’s time to feed. My incision wound also still hurts so I have to rely on someone else to help bring the baby snd swaddle/burp the baby after. This schedule causes great distress to me and whoever is doing “night shift” with me. Even though its been only a week Im considering just giving up breastfeeding and just giving formula. But with everyone saying how good breastmilk is, Im stuck in a dilemma- should i still breastfeed at the expense of my own mental/physical health or give baby formula for my convenience? Any advice? No hate please… I’m just really tired… Thanks.

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Hey mummy, I’m exclusively expressing for my baby too and I understand the ‘displeasure’ u get cos i felt the same as well… ultimately take care of ya well-being first. I figured the breastfeeding journey actually needs alot of support. Its probably the immunities n antibodies that the baby gets from us thats not really avail in formula. Maybe u can hang in there for a couple of months then go for formula. I actually also trusted formula and i think they supply sufficient amt of nutrients to the baby as well n mummy dun need to worry abt her own diet that goes to the baby. So i think u can go for fm when baby’s older! Afterall it’s also u that matters

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