Slow growth?

Hi, FTM here. I just went for my 16th week gynae check few days ago and baby is gaining more weight than expected. However his CRL (crown-rump length) doesn’t seem as ideal. I read online and CRL at this week should be around 11.6cm but baby is only at 10.2cm. Dr said it’s okay but I’m still concerned. Should I be worried or it’s okay since baby is gaining weight? TIA!

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Since your doctor said it’s ok then it probably is ok. Besides, baby is growing. Usually, what’s in the Internet is average and who knows from which race the samples were taken, like are they the taller ones 🤔

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I think if Dr said it's ok, it might be nothing to worry about. Just do your routine check up to monitor baby's development. Have a safe pregnancy!☺️

Hi did your doc say what the CRL should be at week 16?