Ask the Expert: Fix your postpartum body

To end the month of June, we have a special Ask the Expert Session in line with world incontinence week, with the purpose to raise awareness of bladder weakness, pelvic pain and other debilitating conditions 😯 Our Expert Cheryl Han, Director and Lead Consultant in Orchard Clinic, will be answering all your questions on managing incontinence and urinary leakage after pregnancy 👩🏻‍💻 So don't forget to leave those burning questions in the comments section below!

Ask the Expert: Fix your postpartum body
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Hey dr. Thank you for the session, I find it very difficult to hold my pee, what should I do?

1y ago

Hi Kushboo, see from your profile that you're pregnant now – congrats! There are a few factors that may make you feel like it's difficult to hold your pee. If you're pregnant, there is a lot of weight/pressure placed on your pelvic floor muscles, which supports your bladder. What you can do is to perform some pelvic floor/kegel exercises – this helps to better support bladder control, and also allows you to develop better control over your pelvic floor to prepare you for labour and childbirth.