Bloody show

First time mom here. Am 38 weeks 4 days. Just had what I think is bloody show hahaha. Had my cervix checked yesterday morning & was at 1-2cm dilation. Brown discharge started at midnight. Any idea if I should head to the hospital now or shall I wait for contractions or waterbag burst first?

Bloody show
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Time your contractions, are they frequent already? How intense is the pain? Labour can start anytime now. You can call up your hospital to ask if you can come down to be checked whether you’re in labour already or not. I had tiny mucus the day before I gave birth. Tahan my contractions from 7am to 9pm and called up KKH and nurse told me I can come and admit myself already as I was also due to be induced the next day which also happened to fall on my baby’s EDD full term at 40 weeks. I also needed to be administered antibiotics before baby came out as I was GBS positive and would be fatal for baby if there’s no antibiotics. Reached hospital before 10pm and waterbag burst on the hospital bed at 11pm. Complications for me as I had high fever and baby was in distress. Emergency c-sect at 10:30am next day, nurse and doc told my husband to prepare for the worst as he could lose one or both of us. Just call your hospital up and tell them your contraction timings. You can use Contraction Timer app to track.

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1y ago

Thanks for sharing!!! So far I have no contractions, I would say it’s just Braxton hicks. Still having brown discharge coming out. I’m positive for GBS too, so i’m abit worried..

omg I just had the same discharge as you this morning. yesterday during my appt I was not dilated at all though haha. still no contractions or other signs of labour for me

1y ago

hahaha we are so similar. jiayou to you too!!! 💪🏻

That’s mucus plug, I believe…it will come out before your contractions starts…Best to call your doctor right away and inform them.

Yea it should be anytime now.