#FTM here. Is this bloody show/mucus plug? Sorry for the gross pic 😣

Hello mummies, i’m currently 38 weeks + 5 days. I had my cervical check two days ago and was only 1cm dilated. 30 mins after, i went to pee and there was blood, and then hours later when I got home, i was still bleeding (first pic). and on that same day at night, there’s this gooey brownish discharge (second pic) on my panty liner. Is this considered a bloody show? Today is the third day after my cervical check and i’m only seeing brown discharge now. I had contractions but i think its braxton hicks because it doesn’t come in regular intervals. I’m so sorry for the gross photo, i might delete this post when someone replies. TIA! #firsttimemom #advicepls #firstbaby

#FTM here. Is this bloody show/mucus plug? Sorry for the gross pic 😣
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If your discharge is now back to normal and you don’t have contractions, you can continue to monitor the situation. I had my cervical check on 3 Nov at 39 weeks and started contractions on 5th Nov night, 6 Nov morning (5am) contractions continues and I had brown discharge. Water bag not burst so I thought maybe it was a false alarm. Because I still had contractions, and the discharge remains, I checked in via KKH’s delivery suite to be monitored anyway. They found I was 1cm dilated. I went home and continued to monitor my contractions. When it started to get less than 5 mins apart, I admitted to the hospital. (Where we discovered that I had pre-eclampsia.) You can have it checked for a peace of mind cos any time after 37 weeks is pretty much “ready to do” mode already. Otherwise, you can continue to monitor. Hope you are doing ok. Keep us posted!

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6mo ago

Thank you, D.R! I’ve decided to just monitor my situation until my next appt on 22 Nov since everything seems to be back to normal now. Cervical checks are just too painful, wouldn’t want to go through it again so soon ☹️

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Mommy, please go to A&E cause that's not only brown but also red..it was same as me then checked have already 3-5 cm by midwife at labour room..i didn't get contraction just water burst and have bloody show same as you.. Hope you're okay and your labour will be going smooth ❤️

6mo ago

my waterbag not burst yet.. and the discharge is now back to normal. i also don’t have any contractions.. should i still just go to A&E? 🙁

Its because you went to check your cervix so it’s normal to bleed when they check cervix. Since its back to normal you’re good.

6mo ago

Thank you, Azura! Decided to wait until my next appt on 22 Nov instead. Hopefully all is well, and hope that my cervix is dilated enough to be admitted. Would like to avoid being induce as much as possible. Pray for me! #nervous