KKH Subsidized route but ward A1

Hi, this is my first pregnancy. Currently under KKH subsidised route. Wondering, is it possible, if i continue under subsidized route until the day i give birth but would like to get Ward A1? Noted that Ward A1 is under private rates. How do i go about that? Or do i die die need to change to private gynae weeks before my EDD.

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hi. yes! my first pregnancy, I was under a subsidised route up to my labour. before the nurse brought me to the delivery suite, they needed to register me. i told them I wanted A1 for 1 bedder and a female doc for delivery.. Once you choose A1, your delivery payment will be based on private rate, and any follow-up with doc after birth is also under private rate. this was back in 2020. (; I gave birth to my first born when I was about 38 weeks.

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before admission, you need to settle your delivery fees. while i was in delivery suite the nurses comes in ask to sign here and there and to settle the payment. i was intl too much pain and leave to it to my partner to settle the payment. after you gave birth, you will be given another bill for your instay at the hospital and baby bills. but all this will be posted to you after you're being discharged

can try asking your gynae. likely need to change gynae before EDD.

A1 is private no more subsidized.