KKH A1 Ward is medisave claimable?

This is my first pregnancy, I’m going to private route after 20 weeks detail scan onwards. I have questions regards to the A1 ward. My husband opt for A1 ward, so I’m curious since we will be under private soon is the final bill for A1 ward can claim partially using medisave? Is it true that we will need to deposit first for the A1 ward? How does it work?

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Do remember to take into consideration that complications can occur during birth. I had an emergency c-sect and post-delivery complication (preeclampsia) and stayed in subsidised ward (B2) for a total of 5 days. My bill amounted up to almost $12k. And baby also needed phototherapy for 24hrs (only) and her bill was almost $3k already. If it wasn’t for my hospital insurance, I would have to topup $5k in cash for the final bill. And that is under subsidised route, mind you. If you can afford all these miscellaneous on top of the normal private charges, then please go ahead. You will need to deposit a sum of money upon admission. Final bill, Medisave can be used but there will definitely be cash topup. You can call up KKH to ask about the maternity package. They will give you a rough estimation via email but that won’t be the exact charges.

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1y ago

Thank you for the insight! You are right about the complications. Initially I didn’t want to take A1 because of the price and see no point of wasting so much money. I will need to discuss this again with my husband. Thank you 🙏🏼

Can claim up to abt $2500 for Medisave. Then pay ard $2.8k for deposit. Then another part of the bill can deduct from medisave

1y ago

Oh I see that’s good to hear! Thanks 🙏🏼