HI Mummies I'm at my 37 weeks under subsidized , would like to know if I just booked my A1 ward for after delivery, my next check up is it considered private or sub?

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Hmm if not wrong only under private class can book A1 ward. I was under subsidised class previously and didn’t know cannot book A1, so I just changed to private class last few weeks. Then at the admission centre, the counter nurse asked if I’m private class patient, I said yes then she proceed to give me a piece of paper on admission info, only got A1 and B1 ward options.

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8mo ago

we can choose private ward even if we are under subsidized. I'm asking if next weekly check up will be considered under private or sub? cause previously I'm under sub only that I chose private ward for delivery

If you book A1 all your hospital bills including baby & your next appointments will be as a private patient.

Pte once u choose pte ward outpatient will follow as pte .

It will be followed up as PTE for next visit

8mo ago

even before I give birth right?