First day at work from maternity leave. I miss my baby so much - I am contemplating quitting even though I like my work too. But I can't be away from baby. Any other mummies feel like this. Does it get better?

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Honestly, it gets better in terms of you getting back into the grind of work and all its concerns. It's a routine so you and your child will get used to it. What doesn't get better is the bouts of mummy guilt especially as your child becomes more and more communicative. Also the mummy FOMO (fear of missing out)... not seeing her first steps, coming home and finding out that you've missed a milestone... I just deal with the reality that if I quit work, we won't be able to provide a comfortable life and good education for our daughter. But do try to speak to your management about work from home days or try also to see if there are jobs out there that will let you spend more time with your baby without compromising your career :)

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This is very common especially if this is your 1st baby. All these you would need to tell yourself beforehand and be positive. Prepare yourself and also LO. Avoid falling into separation anxiety. You also need to weigh your financial burden if you are deciding if you want to quit the job. Additional baby is already additional expenses. Discuss with hubby before making any decision. Your hubby must be very supportive else it may lead to more problems for you.

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There are few options you can discuss with the management: 1) you take unpaid leave, at least until your baby older and you are ready to leave her for work. 2)how about working half day with reduce salary? At least you still earn some money. I also cannot bear to leave my baby in someone's else care. So i extended my leave till he is 4 months old ( 2 months unpaid), and work half day now, at noon i get back home and spend my time with my kids.

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I do miss my baby when I am at work, but i try to think positively. my LO goes to IFC, so i thought to myself that its good to go sch! learning to socialise early & learning stuff or have activities that i am not able to when I'm at home taking care of lo.

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It gets better. The first few weeks will be tough. I remember my first day back I had this horrible aching sinking feeling in my heart. Been back at work for 2 months now and I still miss baby, but it's not an aching crippling hurt anymore.

same here but it gets better. had been putting my mindset to work mode 2 wkd prior ML ending so i can try to lessen the separation anxiety. luckily MIL send pics of LO every hour so at least im updted of what he does.. hehhe

yes totally feel that. still feeling that 3wks into returning work. i guess im not so career minded like i tot so...

try to ask if possible to have flexible timing for work