How do you politely tell your in-laws to watch their language when your little one is around? My brother in law and father in law curses a lot. My father in law particularly. He curses in spanish and filipino as if its his spoken exclamation point (he's half spanish)! My husband and mother in law already warned him multiple times for my 20 month old has this awesome skill of copying and recording everything in an instant. But it is part of his system he cant seem to control it. My baby once cursed back! Help

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Hi Nica, Ur dad in law is so used to cursing, no way he can change it. I have one at home. If you are staying together with your father in law, you have to ask your hubby to tell them that the little one will learn it very fast. Do they want a grandchild that curse? Use your hubby as messenger ;)

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6y ago

I think I have to ask hubby to drop the "Nica is bothered..." bomb. Thanks!

I agree that you should get your hubby to help. Focus on the fact that you have heard your child swearing back. This will remind your father-in-law that your child is picking up habits and learning from his/her surroundings and that he is also one of your child's role model. Good luck!

Is call 口頭禪 in Chinese and extremely hard to change at this age. The soft approach is to give a stern look without saying anything when they do it. Slowly they will kick the habit.


Just tell your father in law directly not to curse in front of the baby as your baby will imitate him like a parrot and you don’t want those words to be part of baby’s vocabulary

Talk to your husband and both of you talk to them about it. Be direct with them.

I will say directly

Good luck!