Hi fellow mummies, my son is 14 mth olds and past 2 days, we spotted these spots (slightly bumpy) on him. We looked back on the food we have but nothing new was introduced. Anyone can advise what could these bumps/spots be? Thanks in advance.
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hi, for sure bring your baby to the doc to be safe... calamine lotion or soothe him with a cold towel if its itchy
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Is it itchy?
I agree - always best to check with the doc. If it's irritating him you can use calamine lotion to sooth it in the meantime
hi there, they look a little like insect bites. But as Nalika said, I'd bring him to the paed to make sure it isn't anything to worry about.
They look like mosquito bites. But, I'd take him to the paed to be on the safe side.