Hi fabulous mummies, My 8.5mth bb girl is drinking less water these days, i have introduced fruit juice (melon/apple juice) and she's lovin' it. Just wondering if these fructose are too much for her. What do u mummies give to your lil'ones? Thank u! ☺️

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I won't allow juices so early as the solids that I am feeding baby is mainly fruits / veg related in high portions so no need to scare they don't get the vitamins. If it's home made juice, I think it's still somewhat ok but not the store bought kind as those usually has additives. Slowly cut back on the juices or I would trick baby w diluted versions of the juices. Can't reason with them yet but need to be firm about what's available for drinking. Frankly if u are giving enough bm / fm, or ur solids has enough water (the v watery porridge) then drinking slightly less water is ok I guess. As long as not too long without pee-Ing or too often dark color pee will do

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6y ago

Thanks for the advices!!

I did not start juices with my bub as well. Babies naturally have a liking for sweet stuffs. Guess its due to their palate. With that said, water is the best! Otherwise just bm or fm will do the trick. Its better to eat the fruit as it is. Either way, both ends up in the tummy. Haha

6y ago

True that, i better stop the juices...

Hi I have not started juices for my 9mo because I don't want her to get too used to sweet drinks. As it is she is already drinking lesser plain water these days too so I don't give juices. I will give fruits but not in juice format. If you give juices try to give it during day time.

6y ago

Thank u for ur advices babe! ☺️

U can try coconut water in the event that your girl is unable to accept a sudden total stop to other juices Better to stay hydrated

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6y ago

Thank u for the valuable tips!

Try reducing the juice intake. Too much sugar. Must drink water