What is your favourite fruit and/or vegetable juice?

Do you drink fruit and/or vegetable juice to increase your daily consumption of fruit and/or vegetables? Comment below which type of juice is your favourite from the picture.

What is your favourite fruit and/or vegetable juice?
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Fresh carrot juice is so good. 👉 Will you ❤ this first moment my baby and me was born please, https://community.theasianparent.com/booth/1186465?d=android&ct=b&share=true

Avocado milkshake without sugar/honey and coconut water

Green apple juice has always been my favourite! 😊


I love abc juice!. beetroot.+ apple and carrots!

Prefer avocado without added sweetener

Banana juice is pretty good with milk.

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Carrot, apple, watermelon, cucumber

carrot greenapple, avocado milk

Watermelon or yakult apple yum