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Mummies , do u feed fruit juices to ur baby and at what age do u give them ? My daughter is 9mo today but i find that she doesnt seem to eat much of the cerelac like last times .. she would usually finish them but now only one or two spoonful ?

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Juice are full of sugar & no fiber (since the fiber is removed during juicing process). I would give fruits instead. At 9mo old, solids are supplements to milk, not their main meal. They are exploring textures , flavours etc. If they don’t like cerelac, try something else. Like pancake, Fruits, porridge, etc. There’s so much variety.

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Yes I do! Can’t rmb at what age. But not the juice for adults one. Once a while will buy apple juice by Gerber, or we’ll squeeze fresh orange juice. Or once awhile my MIL will do smoothies, then we’ll feed him as well. If u just want to buy juice off the shelf, that’s fine, but I don’t suggest give so often as usually got added sugar

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7mo ago

uhh , i saw those by Gerber and other brands too .. okayokay , i shall try once in awhile ... i and my husb finds that she likes to eat yogurt also when we fed her that .. hahaha .. thank u mummy ..

Yes once in a while I give my 6mo baby Gerber apple juice but he doesn't like it much. I also make own diluted pear juice when I make his puree and he seems to like tt over apple juice. I also let him have diluted prune juice to help move his bowels.

i started fruits at 7 months...banana, orange and also u can buy fruit puree packets for toddlers at ntuc...once a while i give apple juice also not fresh made, i buy from ntuc.

7mo ago

no juice, only sliced fruits or fruits puree as serving juice may result they don't drink water I only offer milk and water to my kid

You can consider making own fruits puree.. ie. apple, pear or peach