Hi any of you experience yr LO have sudden change of sleeping pattern at night? Tomorrow she will be 6months old. My LO suddenly have this sleeping issue. She will sudden cry in the middle of the night sometimes a few times within few hours. When she start crying i have to carry her n pat her back so sleep but after that for few mins/hrs she start again. She had no issue till it happen when she was 5month old. It been happening for weeks. And i am very tired. I really dont knw what to do. anyone can help me out?

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sleeping pattern in your girl has changed permanently. she no longer sleeps like a newborn and this is commonly termed the 4 month sleep regression. if she doesn't know how to sleep on her own, she will wake up after one or two sleep cycles end (approx every 1-3h).

8y ago

Hi Felicia, you need to start sleep training on your girl. When she learns how to sleep on her own (self soothing), there is no crying.

Very normal. It's sleep regression - u can read up on it and it can happen anytime after 4 months. Just do what u usually do to get the baby to sleep...after a few weeks she shld settle in to a routine - it may be the old routine, it might be a new routine

That is very normal. It will keep changing. And we will need to keep readjusting accordingly. There are many factors, babies stimulation in the day, teething, colic, growth spurt. These are all the common stuffs lo may go through some time.