Hi mummies, I am concern about my LO sleeping pattern she is currently 5 months old going to 6 month next week. Everyday she nap only abt 15 mins longest is 1 hour for four times a day, however these two days even worst like only 15 mins the longest. And at night she will find milk for every one hour, she never really wake up at night she just rub her face very rigorously and make noise until I breastfeed her or rock her to sleep. This night sleeping pattern have been going on for about two weeks already. Anybody experience this before? Should I be concern? And will it affect her development? She is still active just that a little bit more clingy and cranky than usual. Thank you :)

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sleep regression has affected your girl where her sleep cycle pattern has changed. nursing and rocking her to sleep are her sleep props, she doesn't know how to sleep on her own. it's time you have to sleep train your daughter before her sleep debt accumulates due to disrupted sleep. insufficient sleep is not healthy for babies and their development. I had the same issue with my boy when he was 4 months old (short naps, waking up 4-6x a night). I engaged a sleep trainer (Ms Zoe Chu, she's a sleep expert- you can find her on ParentTown) and since then, he naps between 1.5- 2.5h for each nap and sleeps through the night on his own.

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6y ago

How do you sleep train him? Is it the crying out method? But she is already in her 5th month going to six is it still sleep regression? And also is there any other way I can contact ms zoe chu

You may want to sleep train your lo. I engaged a sleep consultant from the US and sleep trained my lo at 5 weeks old because it was taking a toll on me. In the day, he only slept when being carried and at night he woke up every 1.5-2.5 hours. But I'm against CIO so I went to find out what other methods there were. Many people associate sleep training to CIO but there are gentler methods. Once he was sleep trained, it was a breeze, he learnt how to fall asleep on his own and only wakes up once a night now, definitely no regrets doing it.

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My mil takes care of my LO while I work and she told me he had been sleeping 10-20 mins for 2-3 times a day for at least 2 weeks... however, whenever I take care of him on fri (like now), he can slp for 2-3 hrs minimum.. now still sleeping already 3 hrs.. the only difference is I latch him to slp..

It could be she doesnt feel full from your milk thats why. Try toping up her with formula and see if it makes a difference esp at night time.

Hi Yurika, you can reach her at: http://sgsupernanny.com/