I had super sharp pain in my stomach, diarrhea since last night. So I walked into KKH A&E. Since I’m a subsidized patient over there, I didn’t have a fix gynae. A gynae on duty checked on me, and diagnosed me with gastroenteritis without even pressing my belly. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant, got strapped up the CTG machine for 2 hours, no contractions was seen, baby heartbeat is normal and regular. Gynae checked if I was dilated but cervix still close. Went home with gastroenteritis meds, however the pain is still lingering. thinking if I should walk in to TMC A&E for a second option. Firstly, do they do walk ins? Even though I’m not a patient with them, and secondly anyone know how much would the rough cost be? Don’t really want a bill shock. TIA!

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You can call their 24-hr hotline (6256 9494) to check if they accept walk-ins. I experienced bleeding / contractions last weekend and was hospitalised for 1D1N. I opted for single-bedded ($530, check rates here, use of medical equip including CTG was around $600, treatment fees / labour ward services (~$400) & ultrasound (~$290). My gynae fees was separate (private clinic). If you decide to go, remember to check if your medical insurance covers your condition, TMC will assist to e-file your insurance claim. I’ve also claimed Medisave and FBI membership discount on this bill. I think you should trust KKH gynae & let the gynae know if you’re still worried in the next visit. I’m not sure if there is a gynae on stand-by at TMC, but can assure you the Nurses at labour ward are very friendly, attentive & professional!

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The cost is about the same...