Counting your baby kicks

Comment below if you counted your kicks or not during pregnancy.

Counting your baby kicks
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I didn't actually keep track as too busy for work everyday.. luckily my hubby will keep follow up with me daily on BB kicking times. My BB kicks is soft so does make us a bit worry. Nevertheless, he is in pink & a BB full of energy now.. so no need to worry that much if ur BB's kicking is soft.. 🙂

I dont count but I will keep count in terms of hours so like 3 to 4 hrs theres some kicks

not really.. just be aware whether baby got movement or not for the day

Nope..cos baby kept moving almost every hour,gave up on counting,lol

Not really. Just make sure that she kicks at least 1 session a day

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Every night and day time . No need to sleep . Hahhaa

Yes I do count it and use an app to record the kicks

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Yes i am during my pregnant

did count, every night!

No not yet 😬😁